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I know you want to email us. I know you want to call us. I know you want to send us all sorts of Sexts (Olivia Munn, we're waiting).
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Follow us on twitter @hammradio. You probably already are. But it doesn't hurt to ask again.
There are other social networks that you can connect with us as well.
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This is where you can subscribe to the RSS feeds for our website and podcast. We'll even give you some suggestions on filtering your subscription if there's a particular topic you like the most.
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You've got questions. They might even be stupid. But we have all the answers. And I'm pretty sure those will be stupid.
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Newsletters from websites seem so 1996. We know. To be honest we're not quite sure what to do with the newsletters either. To be safe, sign up for them any way.
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This is that part of websites that you ignore. I'm not saying you can ignore these or even if you should. I'm just saying you will. That's all.
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You like your privacy. You even think you have a right to privacy and that its guaranteed in the Consititution (hint: it's not). Even though it's not a Constitutional guarantee, we still want to protect your information. Here's how we do it.
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About Us is Mike Cunningham. Mike Cunningham is is a pop culture blog with humorous opinions and outrageous rants about Film, TV, Music, Philly Sports and much more. is also the home for the Proof Of Concept podcast.

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